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    Do what you love,
    we'll handle the rest.

    PestRoutes automates the mundane so you can focus on the important stuff - like top notch service, adding more customers, and increasing profitability.

Paperless iOS/Android Apps

Stop organizing routes and printing invoices every morning. Technicians can view, edit, and complete appointments from the field in real-time. Adding stops to a route is easy and techs can see changes immediately.

Completely Paperless

Techs enter chemical info, notes, etc... into the app and everything syncs back to the office. Customers get all pertinent info via email.


When you add or change stops in the office, techs can immediately view changes from their device.


PestRoutes tracks technician locations so you always know where they are and where they've been.

Mobile Printing

(Optional) Use any air-print enabled printer or approved thermal printers to print invoices directly from the truck.

Office Alerts

Techs can flag notes for the office from the app in real time. Never miss an important note smudged on the corner of an invoice again!

Pest Control Reviews

PestRoutes prompts customers to leave feedback after each service, forwarding positive reviews on to your social media sites!

iPhone Apps

Automated Reminders

Stop wasting time making hundreds of phone calls every day. PestRoutes can send ALL of your reminders via SMS (Text message), Voice Mail, and Email with the click of a button. Save time, money, and free up your office staff to do something productive.

Automated Reminders Calls

Automate Reminder Calls

Reminders save HOURS per day. Some companies free up 3 full-time employees with this feature alone.

Fully Customizable

Voice calls have your voice, and your message. PestRoutes simply injects the details, like date and time.

Try It!

Enter your name and cell phone number and we will send you an example.

Painless Billing

PestRoutes makes it EASY to get paid. Credit card processing is built right into PestRoutes and is seamless. PestRoutes automates invoicing by allowing you to send all of your past due customers a statement with the click of a button. Customers can then click a link and pay straight from their customer portal.

Online Billing
Online Payments

Customers can update credit card info and make payments online. The easier you make it for customers to pay you, the more you get paid!

Batch Processing

Charge credit cards for all of your auto-pay customers with one click. We automatically prompt customers with failed cards to update info.

Email Invoices

Send all of your customer statements with the click of a button. Customers can pay straight from the email they receive.

Fully Integrated

Process payments directly through PestRoutes. We offer autopay, recurring plans, single payments, monthly plans, and dozens of reports!

Easy and Beautiful

We designed PestRoutes from the ground up to be easy to use. We believe that software should make your life simpler and easier, not complicated and frustrating! Our lithmus test for usability is to put our stone-age mothers in front of our software and see if they can use it. If you can surf the internet, you can use PestRotues!

Pest Control Scheduling

Drag and Drop

All scheduling is point and click, drag and drop. We focus on creating intuitive processes that don't require manuals to figure out.

Simple Interface

We hate over-bloated software. PestRoutes makes life easier, not more complicated! Become an expert in days not months.


When an action takes 3 clicks, PestRoutes tries to make it happen in 2. Get what you need faster and with less moving around.

Real Time

In PestRoutes, things happen in real-time. Every time a customer leaves feedback or a tech makes a note, you get notified.

Packed with Benefits.

We spent 6 months working out of Pest Control office while they used our software. We watched every action and every issue and came up with a powerful package to solve your every-day problems.

Intelligent Routing

Build pre-ordered, optimized routes for an entire month in minutes. Re-arrange stops via drag and drop.

Customer Portal

Customers can pay bills, sign agreements, leave feedback, and view service history.

Tech Tracking

Our apps geolocate technicians as they complete stops and throughout the day.

Training Resources

We offer lots of online resources to help train your office staff. Videos, tutorials, FAQs, and webinars.

Customer Feedback

After every appointment, PestRoutes prompts your customers to leave feedback for your technicians.

Customer Emails

Filter your customer list by dozens of parameters and then send out a bulk email to specific groups of customers.

Digital Contracts

Generate a service contract in the office and then email to the customer for a signature.

Task List

Never lose a to-do item again! Easily keep track of what needs to be done, assign to other users, and followup.


Dozens of Reports show you everything you need to make the right decisions -- in real time.

Sales Apps

Sign up new customers and setup service in the field, sign with a finger, and email to customers.

Time Sheets

Keep track of employee time and pull reports to generate paychecks.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Visually re-arrange your appointments with easy drag-and drop.

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